Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Help Brighten the Day of a Child Living With a Chronic Illness

One of the first organizations that Jess ever volunteered with was AIDS Project Worcester . Through working at this organization, Jess learned a lot about giving back to her community and it helped instill a lifelong passion of helping people in need.

Cut to many years later, when we were looking to sign on organizations for What You Can Do. We came across Angelwish, an organization helping children living with chronic illness. They were one of the first organizations to join on to this project and were part of our initial 21 videos. Angelwish has developed over the years from focusing on children living with or affected by HIV/AIDS to reaching out to children living with or affected by chronic illness (such as diabetes, asthma or kidney disease).

At the heart of Angelwish is their Wish Program. Simply click on the country and then state where you want to help. You can select a program in your community to get started. Angelwish also has an Amazon Wishlist where you can purchase gifts that they will get into the hands of children in need. On the right hand side of the wishlist, you will see where the gift is going.

For today's challenge, I will grant a wish and hope that it helps brighten a child's day.
Will you join me?

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