Thursday, April 21, 2011

Donate Your Miles to Service Members and Their Families

Do you have a credit card that accrues mileage on an airline? Do you use those miles? Well I can safely say yes to the first question and sort of to the second one. Seems I'm never using the miles properly. Airlines have black out dates which cause problems and sometimes I forget that I have miles available (which is crazy but it happens). Other times the airline is having a great deal, so I think I'd rather save my miles (for what, I don't know, but I save away). These companies love me. Basically I sign up for a program and don't use it. I'm a dream!

HOWEVER, after producing our video with Fisher House, I now know what I can do with those miles I have sitting around. They have a program that allows you to donate your frequent flyer miles to wounded service members and their families. Specifically, Fisher House Foundation provides free airline tickets to military men and women who are undergoing treatment at a military or VA medical center incident to their service in Iraq or Afghanistan, and their families.


I feel good about signing up for a free miles program because I can use it to give back to the people who are giving up so much to protect me and my family. Really, the balance still feels skewed in my favor, but at least I'm doing something to help.

So today I'm going to donate a few miles to this amazing organization. It's a pretty simple process. Just click here. Click on the airline that has your miles, and then follow the steps for where to email or fax your request. It's super simple and definitely takes less than a minute!

If you have a few extra miles lying around, why don't you join me?



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