Saturday, March 19, 2011

Help Support Women and Children

In Worcester, Massachusetts there's a women's shelter called Abby's House. Growing up, my family made various donations to Abby's House. We've donated money, clothes, household supplies and food. While we were filing our feature film, For Belly, we wound up with a large quantity of food and food supplies left over. Rather than throwing them away, we gave them to Abby's House. This has been so ingrained in Jess and my brain's that when we were working on one minute actions for What You Can Do, we knew that we wanted to find a Woman's Shelter that accepted donations.

We found Doorways for Women and Children outside of Washington DC. One of the things that made us choose this shelter was the fact that they have a wishlist on their website, so patrons can know what items are of greatest need to Doorways at a given time. When I decided to add this to my 46 day challenge, I revisited their website and I found that Doorways now has an Amazon Wishlist to make it even easier. Simply click on the item that you would like to purchase, and Amazon will package and ship directly for you. One stop shopping as they say.

Shelters can serve as a lifeline for families that are getting out of a violent situation, so if you have even one minute will you consider doing something to help? ConsiderAbby's House, Doorways for Women and Children, or a local shelterin your area.


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