Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Diary of an American Shopper - Day 16

Woah, what a weekend. Every year, my dad and I get together to start our Holiday November! I know, I know - Christmas shopping at the beginning of the month? Well, I don't do crowds and I don't do rushing, so I start early. As long as your organized, you can get it done and not get stressed, but I digress.

This year, we hit up Portland, ME for a little holiday flair. We've been there before and love the shops - many of which feature local artisans. Sounds like a good place to set up camp for a day of shopping.

We hit store after store, and when it came to most gifts - I was a proud supporter of our Nation! I found pottery, jewelry, accessories (both leather and wool) and a wooden cutting board. However, the brakes hit hard when it came to clothing. I was only able to find one shirt by Steve Allen and that was it. What is that about? I knew that this would be the hardest part of this challenge - shopping for clothes. So what did I do? Well, to be honest - I broke down and bought things that weren't made in these United States with a vow to research more companies that make clothing domestically. I am well aware that buying domestic clothes will likely stretch my dollar the most when it comes to this challenge, but I want to see how far I can go.

I mark day 14 - 16 a fifty/fifty Success/Failure

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