Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Diary of an American Shopper Day 13

Seventh Generation got back to me! Here's what they wrote.

Hi Alicia,

Thank you for your loyal patronage to date and taking the time to e-mail us with your question. I applaud your USA loyalty with regard to products. We do our best to do that same thing in our family and I think when possible that is a good method regarding purchase habits.

We have had a percentage of our paper products made in Canada for many years now. We also have paper made from a manufacturer in the US as well. It so happens that you may have been drawing (based on store distribution and location) paper products that were indeed manufactured in the US. While it would be nice just to have one manufacturing source in the US providing all of our paper it is unfortunately not a logistical option at this time. The other challenge is that there are limited partners in the US willing to work with recycled paper fibers so that is why we have to employ the use of a capable site from our friends up north.

We feel good about this relationship and Canada is indeed a good trading partner. Again, we'd prefer to have our entire line of products made in the US, however when it comes to ingredients and sourcing we are not willing to make compromises. I will note your feedback and thank you for your patronage...

I am so happy to have heard from them, and look forward to purchasing their products happily in the future. I already made the decision that if things aren't available domestically, it was okay to use foreign ingredients so I feel that this falls under that category. Their products are so much better for the environment, so it makes me feel much better to use them.

I mark Day 13 a wonderful relief!

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