Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Next Food Network Star should be... ME!

Okay, so I have to say, I called the winner of the Next Food Network Star weeks ago. I mean really, who's a better fit with their programming? Although Jeffery brought interesting ingredients into the kitchen, his style is similar to other chefs on the Food Network that play around with interesting spices and cuisines. When you put it in perspective, the channel is most watched by home cooks not show hosted by a home cook? Definite Shoe In. Not to mention that Melissa is very charming and has excellent tips for anyone who is intimidated by or just starting out in the kitchen. She makes cooking accessible and fun.

The biggest surprise to me this season was when Debbie was sent home. As I mentioned in my previous blog, Asian cooking is lacking on the channel, so I thought she would be one of the last two standing. I wouldn't be surprised if they try Debbie out with her own show since she was so charming and camera friendly. I think she would be great with a Ming Tsai - East Meets West type show that would expand beyond her Korean background. There is a whole world of cuisine out there that is less familiar to western cooks. I, for one, would like to see more.

I have to give a big shout out to my re-found best friend - Alton Brown. I know I was hard on him for being so harsh on the previous competitors, but this year,, he was nothing but supportive and encouraging. He offered excellent tidbits of information in a warm environment. Still giving the tough love that people need to hear, he was able to create a cushion for competitors. I feel it's so important to allow people to fail and learn from their mistakes vs. intimidate someone. That only creates more mistakes. Under this excellent advice this year, the performances were fantastic and really shined. Great work Alton!

The thing that I love most about the Food Network is the fact that it can inspire even the most reluctant person to get up and start cooking. I have learned almost everything I know about cooking from my endless jaunts in front of the TV. So truly, I think they missed the boat and the Next Food Network Star should've been ME!

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