Thursday, August 6, 2009

Great White Greatness on SHARK WEEK!

I love many things about the summer. Bbq's, long walks in the park with my dog, sitting outside at restaurants and people watching and... SHARK WEEK on the Discovery Channel! For many years now, I have been fascinated by sharks. Where some see black, dead eyes, I see curiosity and determination (and sometimes, cuteness). So, each year I sweat my way through the humidity of New York and wait for early August to come along and BAM, a week of shark information! Awesomeness. In fact, I have a friend who dresses up every year to watch the Oscars because she loves it so much and if I could sit in my apartment in a big water tank with a dorsal fin strapped to my back I would, but alas, friends might think I've finally reached my breaking point!

Here at On the Leesh, I keep trying to come up with story ideas that would REQUIRE me to go shark cage diving. Say... for example... on The In-Betweens of Holly Malone Francesca meets a marine biologist who takes her shark cage diving with Great Whites on their first date. OR... on In the Can Bernice tries to scare herself out of her love obsession for Borg that she too needs to lay her eyes on a few Great Whites. I think these are great ideas! Compelling! Funny! Edge-of-your-seat gripping! But, (as Alicia reminds me) they might just exceed our usual low/no budget for our series seeing as I'd have to fly many miles to say, the likes of South Africa to film (not to mention the insurance fees that would go along with the shoot). So... here I am, left with nothing to do but take the What Shark Are You Quiz on the Discovery Channel's Shark Week website. Take it yourself HERE.

Oh and... no surprise here... it says I'm a Great White.

And if your DVR isn't yet set for Shark Week... do it now! Or do I have to start playing the Jaws theme music for you?

-Signing off and diving in: jules

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