Tuesday, February 10, 2009

what do you do when a drive dies?

okay so we've all been in that situation right, we're working on
something and then the computer starts to run slowly. maybe your
hands start to sweat at this point, or your heart rate gets elevated,
but you think - i've been here before. so we restart. we've been
taught since we started using computers - when all else fails,
restart. but what do you do when the restart doesn't speed anything
up? instead other applications begin to run more slowly. at this
point, i get tunnel vision - i feel like martin brody when he sees the
shark for the first time on land and at sea.


regardless of which cinematic legend you associate with, you probably
start to freak the bleep out. i do. a lot. i start to verbalize all
sorts of words we're not supposed to verbalize, but then something
happens. a moment of calm comes over me, i hear the angels sing, and
i remember no sweat, i'm meticulous about backing up. so you plug in
your back up drive, but still things run slowly. now i contemplate
homicide (because, yes i believe that judgement day is real, and the
machines will rise up against me - so me killing my computer is a type
of homicide). however, i realize, this homicide is very expensive.
so i call my tech guy.

i use mac daddy with tim ransom. he's great - helps me through a
variety of pickles. first he stops me from crying, and then we get
down to business. nine times out of ten - my computer has just gone
rogue. how does this happen? how does your computer get corrupted.
i'm not a tech person at all, but i don't think it's too much to ask
that something that we've spent a lot of money on, can run smoothly.
okay so my yo-yo gets tangled, i get it. a $4,000 piece of equipment,
should cook me dinner. for real.

i'm in the middle of this predicament for the second time in three
months. why haste though forsaken me? i am the uber prepared,
covering all bases.

i hope that my mac daddy can fix my mac s*&%%y. just as i'm writing
this, another drive has gone rogue.


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