Friday, February 6, 2009

Official Finalist: Las Vegas International Film Festival

We've just been notified that Denim has been chosen as an official finalist for the Las Vegas international Film Festival! Although it will not screen at the festival it is one of only 20 films chosen in each category to receive this honor!

We'd like to thank the Las Vegas Film Festival for this extraordinary honor!

Check them out at:

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1 comment:

onpoint said...

Hey I have a question. Congrats by the way on your film being a finalist. My film also got chosen as a finalist too at the festival this year too. My confusion is if our short films are considered " Finalist " then
( 1 ) Why aren't we officially selected ? & why are they not showing our films ?

( 2 ) Great we are finalist but there is no NEWS of becoming a finalist on there website ? what's that all about ?

( 3 ) We pay for the flight / hotel / all this money spent to go to Las vegas n for what ? What can we expect if there is no platform for us to show our films ? What can we possibly expect from this so called Finalist word ?

( 4 ) A finalist to me means that out of all the films that were selected. There was a certain amount that were considered THE BEST. But we are not even selected. It's like there contradicting eachother.
Would love to see your comments on this dilemma ? Also have you had the same concerns too ?