Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Super Styling Sessions Styles Again!

On December 29th and 30th, I ventured to Sue Zecco's house in Oakham, Mass. It's been three weeks since we postponed our first shoot due to the terrible ice storm. I thought that everything would be back to normal. Gosh it had bee three weeks and she doesn't live off the grid in Alaska somewhere. I was wrong. Trees and branches were still down along the streets from Worcester to Oakham. I have never seen anything like it. Sue had a tree fall down on the roof of her shop, and is still in repairs. All in all they were without power for 10 days. It was 2008 right? Not 1908? Geesh. I don't mean to knock my homeland, but Come On People!

With heat renewed, we rose above and shot 8 videos in two days. Since Jay tore his rotator cuff a few weeks prior, Sue had to do all the heavy lifting herself. And boy, did she rise to the occasion. We did one video illustrating how to work with difficult dogs, and she wrestled with a miniature poodle that was out for blood. This woman is my hero! Jay is no joke either. He clipped Sue's dog Trace, a Standard Poodle who is only slightly smaller than my boy - Atticus (Kong), while his arm was on fire. The clip lasted two hours, and he never complained once. I, on the other hand, was getting sore just standing around. Hero I am not. Both Sue and Jay gave me even more respect for their craft.

All in all - we shoot 7 new Super Styling Sessions videos - The German Trim (for Poodles), The "Doodle," Difficult but not Impossible Pet Grooming (featuring our first Cat!), The Airedale, Hand Strip and Carding Techniques (part of the technical series), Competition Grooming and How to Open Your Own Business.

In addition to these seven, we also shot one video for Wahl Clipper Corporation - The Fundamentals and Essentials of Tech Grooming. This DVD will be sent out with all of Wahl's Clippers as an instructional guide on how to groom a pet. It was an amazing opportunity for us, and I'm very grateful to Jay and Sue for this break.

Check back soon to learn more about how the editing process. I'll be up to my neck in dogs for the next couple of months! A great place to be.

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