Thursday, October 2, 2008

OTL Attends The IFP Filmmaker Conference

This week, OTL was at the IFP Conferences. We actually “took” meetings! Awesome. We met a lot of great emerging writers looking to get their work produced and then went to some interesting panels. Sometimes the information seemed contradictory, such as one would say ‘just get your work out there – whether online or in theaters’ and another would say ‘don’t just put your work out there...’. Although the differing points of view were sometimes confusing, they were still valuable. I took away from it that the best approach is to look at the specific project and what your end goal is. Is it less about money and more about having a calling card for you work? Is your fan base big online or is your audience older and less internet-savvy? Like everything in life I guess, there’s no one answer, which, well sucks, and yet, it’s nice to have the freedom.
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