Thursday, October 2, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, Melissa and I headed down to Memphis, Tennessee
with Sue Zecco to meet up with her grooming partner, Jay Scruggs. Jay
offered his home as a location for our latest collaboration. On
August 9th, we pulled ourselves away from the gorgeous town of
Collierville, away from the delicious aromas of Corky's ribs and away
from our day dreams of Elvis. We hunkered down and got to work. We
shot two videos for the pet owner. One uses a Golden Retriever, and
the other uses a Maltese and a Bichon to illustrate how a pet lover
should care for his/her large or small breed dog at home between
grooming appointments.

We've been working with Jay and Sue for two years, and we have
produced, directed, shot and edited over 15 videos for them. Until
now, their techniques have only been available to professional
groomers. We're all very excited that this DVD will expand our market,
and bring their "Grooming Secrets" to a much wider audience.

I, for one, learned dozens of useful information while working on these
videos. For one, I've been brushing Atticus and Scout incorrectly. I
never knew not to brush a dry coat. I also learned to brush my dogs
before I give them a bath to reduce matting and make it easier on them
during their final brush out. And most importantly, I learned that my
Kerastase is not good on poodles or any breed for that matter. While
it might make my hair shiny and strong, the pH messes with their skin
and can cause irritations and discomfort. Never a good thing!

Now, Atticus and Scout are going to get the royal treatment at home.
(If you were to ask them, it's no secret they prefer their visits to

To purchase this video, or to find out more information about grooming
your dog at home - visit

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