Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A 46 Day Action Plan - Days 31 - 40

Okay, we're getting there. I've already recapped items 1 - 30. Next up, another ten ideas that I featured in my 46 day challenge. If you're interested in participating in any of these, here's a comprehensive list of the next 10 items with links on how to get started.

Here are numbers 31-40.

31. Show Shelter Animals Some Love
Donate to the Petfinder.com Foundation's Vaccination Fund and help keep shelter animals healthy and therefore more adoptable.

32. Dishwasher Dilemmas
It was sad to report that my dishwasher is on her last legs. I'm looking to get an energy efficient model, but based on my post - I got a lot of great suggestions in how to deal with the problem. Would repairing be the better fit?

33. No one should be Hungry
Play the Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana's online game Hunger 101 to put yourself in the shoes of someone who is struggling to find something to eat.

34. Shop Responsibly
Through Green America's Green Pages program, you can search for companies and products that are sustainable.

35. Offset your footprint by Planting Trees
Donate to American Forests' Global ReLeaf Program. For every dollar donated, they will plant a tree.

36. Give Cancer the Bird
I asked our What You Can Do community how many people have been directly affected by cancer. I wanted to start talking about this disease, and share information with each other. And oh yeah, I HATE CANCER.

37. Get Yourself Fire Safe
Check out some Safety Brochures from the FDNY's homepage and get yourself fire ready.

38. Buy a Double Duty Gift
This year for my sister's birthday - I bought her a gift through the GreaterGood.org. Their Gifts that Give More Program you can purchase a variety of gifts to help people or animals in need. I donated to help the relief effort in Japan.

39. Text to Help Fight Domestic Violence
Text “HOTLINE” to 85944 and you donate $10 to The National Domestic Violence Hotline.

40. Support Your Local Animal Shelter
After your "daily click" at The Animal Rescue Site follow the link to vote now. Then you follow the instructions to vote for your favorite Petfinder.com shelter.

Logon tomorrow for the last 6 ideas

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Luke Johnson said...

These are some great ideas to implement in your daily life! 46 days doesn't sound like much, but I'm sure that finishing this goal has got to be one of the hardest things you could do. I really like the variety of ideas and tasks you've put on this list. It goes from helping the environment and others to your wallet. Great list, you've got to let us know how it goes.

Luke | Smart Road Auto Wreckers