Saturday, March 12, 2011

Give the Gift of Sight

Give the Gift of Sight

Earlier last year, my father suggested that What You Can Do produce a video on the Lions' Club recycle for sight program. Lions' Club takes any type of eyeglass frame: distance, reading, bi-focal, or sunglasses. Then they sort them by prescription strength and send them to people in need in developing countries.

Just about everyone has an old pair of glasses lying around. I'm sure if you go into your junk drawer, you'll find an old pair with an outdated prescription from a few years ago.

Drop boxes are easy to find - here's a list of where to find them. If you happen to be in the Worcester, Massachusetts area, there is a drop box at Premier Optical.

This year, I'm donating 3 pairs of old glasses. Glasses that were just giving up space, can now help someone see. Not bad for a days work - check it out.


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