Monday, March 7, 2011

Asking for Help

I have a confession for you: I have a very hard time asking people for help. I’m sure that many of you can relate. Maybe I’m scared I don’t deserve it. Maybe I’m scared of being rejected. Maybe I fear that other people need aid more than myself. But whatever the reason, reaching out and asking people for anything has always been an Achilles heel of mine. And asking people for money? ACK! The hardest of all!
So when we realized that this Kickstarter campaign was our best way back onto PBS, it dawned on me, with a sinking heart, that it was going to be time to face this particular demon. Finally I did, and in just seven days, we raised over $3,000. To me, this was a mini miracle! But we have a long, hard way to go to hit our needed $21,000. And the truth is I need your help.

There is no way that this small team of three women would be able to come up with the needed sponsorship money without help. I know that this is a terrible time to ask people for anything, but the truth is that even a small donation of $5.00 would go an enormous way to help get What You Can Do back on the air. You should know also, that I believe in this project. I honestly believe that getting back on television will help us spread the one-minute movement and inspire more people to join us than if we ran the series online only. If our online community of 8,500 people already helped to donate 500 free mammograms to people in need, and saved almost 2,000 gallons of water in just one week - imagine what being on the 3rd most watched PBS affiliate in the country could do?

So I am asking for your help. If you could check out our campaign and pledge whatever you can, it would help us enormously. If however, this isn’t a good time financially for you, then you can help us by simply spreading the word (and the link: What You Can Do) to anyone who will listen.

Thank you for reading this, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help - in whatever form it comes.

Jessica, Creator of What You Can Do

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