Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Adopting an Animal - a dilemma

When we were naming one minute ideas for What You Can Do, one of the first that came to my mind was Defender's of Wildlife's Adopt an Animal Program. Through Defenders, you can symbolically adopt a wild animal in order to help fund protection for that specific species. We joked around a bit over here about what we would do if they allowed us to adopt an animal for real. Would I keep my seal in my bathtub? That might prove unpleasant to house guests (and the seal). Lucky for me and the animal, the animal gets to stay in his or her own house (or habitat).

I have given these adoptions as presents to many people. Depending on your gift level, your adoption comes with a certificate and a stuffed animal, making the gift ideal for a kid you know that loves animals.

During my one-month, one-minute challenge, I knew that I wanted to adopt an animal, but which one? I've long been interested in endangered species. In fact, growing up, my bedroom door featured a giant poster of many of the world's endangered species. As I went into my room, I'd pass their faces and get outraged that the wolf, the elephant and the manatee were looking back at me.

So now comes the dilemma. As part of my challenge, today I'm going to adopt an animal, but I can only adopt one. Which one? Normally I'd go elephant, or wolf but I just saw the Animal Planet's program - Polar Bears, Spy on the Ice, and I was once again blown away by these creatures and devastated by their loss of habitat.

Being the chicken that I am, I brought it up for vote in the office, and we decided to adopt a Polar Bear. I shall name him Peepers.

What would you adopt?
Take care - Alicia

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