Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What You Can Do responds to Frito Lay's Loud Bag of Sun Chips

Recently we posted an article about Frito Lay dropping their 100% compostable packaging on all but the Original flavor of Sun Chips because... wait for it... the bag is too... loud.

It's true.

Apparently it's the chip bag heard 'round the world. It's the construction site of chip bags. The firecracker of snack food. The space shuttle take-off of salty treats.

You get my meaning.

I did a little research and even found Facebook sites dedicated to how loud the bag is. Granted, there is also a Facebook page called "I would take a bullet for you... Not in the head but the leg or something. So that puts it into some perspective.

We were stunned at the news here at What You Can Do. For realsies Frito Lay? I know companies want to say that they listen to consumer feedback and all, but really, too noisy? We couldn't believe that a bag could possibly be loud enough to forego the whole eco-factor. I think I can even remember their campaign when the bags first came out - the earth filled with pretty people eating some Sun Chips and then the bag would break down and all would be right with the world. Wasn't snacking wonderful?

Now, we never claim to be scientists here at What You Can Do, it's part of the reason we work with organizations - so that they can ensure we're not putting nonsensical statistics out there, but once in a while, especially when it's around 2PM, involves eating something salty and chip-like, we put on our lab coats and get our science experiments on. So that's just what we did - we compared. We bought one eco-friendly compostable bag of Sun Chips and one plastic-kill-the-world-for-a-chip bag of Sun Chips. And we conducted a noise test.

Holy cow. That is one loud bag of chips.

It was so loud, we could barely hear each other talking OVER the crinkling of the bag. In fact, on the back of said bag was a stamp that read, "This bag is louder because it's compostable". Now, I don't compost myself, but my sister does and I don't quite remember it being a particularly loud activity, nor were the compostable items she put in there rather deafening, but hey, it's for THE EARTH PEOPLE.

Really? This is our line? We want to help the environment, but only so far as things remain quiet? Has anyone been to a movie lately? Loud. Has anyone stood next to someone on a cell phone in a public place. Loud. Has anyone used a blender to make a tasty treat? Loud. Loud. Loud.

We say, buy those compostable bags people! Support products like these. Wake up your sleeping roommates while you snack! Bother people next to you at the movies with your salty treat! You're doing it for the environment! You nosh for the Earth. Be proud and be loud.

And while you're barraging your neighborhood with the sound of a crinkling bag unlike any you've heard before, we suggest Frito Lay gets their smarty R&D people in a room to figure out why biodegradable materials make so much freaking noise once they're put into the form of a chip bag. Either that or Frito Lay should make every line of chips from compostable materials so that we forget what the crap plastic bags sounded like in the first place.

What do you think?

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