Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fire Prevention Week

Being a New Yorker and a hot blooded female to boot, I have always had a strong admiration and respect for New York’s Bravest. When I was creating the idea of What You Can Do, I often dreamed how amazing it would be to somehow get the FDNY involved. No one can argue that in the ‘making the world a better place category’ firefighters are certainly up there in the top 10. And the FDNY is one of the bravest and best fire departments in the country.
Thanks to some great friends the dream in now a reality.

Fire Prevention Week is Oct 3-9 and What You Can Do has teamed up with the FDNY to create a week of videos that highlight fire safety issues, and one minute ideas that illustrate how to help keep you and your family safe.
A special thank you must be given to Lt. Jack Halaby, Sophy Medina, Jim Long and everyone at the FDNY who made this week possible for us.

Written by What You Can Do Creator Jessica Arinella

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