Saturday, July 3, 2010

Go Green Vacation

Traditionally, vacation is a time to walk away from your life for a little while – to either experience something new, experience something you love or attempt to experience nothing at all. For me, a few months ago, I went on a vacation to experience something I loved – I visited my sister in California.

While stepping away from my own everyday life, I stepped into an area that seemed hyper-aware of environmentalism. I was staying in the Bay area and it felt like everywhere I went there were recycling bins, I was being asked to bring my own tote bag or there was an ad for locally grown food. Even my sister was hyper-vigilante about how much water she used – all you need to do is check out her blog to read about her latest water-saving project.

I found the constant eco-reminders to be far from annoying and instead, made not doing them seem ridiculous. I wonder if maybe that’s the answer – inundate communities with easy eco-options and let it all become second nature.

Eco-wise, this particular step away from life felt like a step toward something.

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