Sunday, June 13, 2010

What You Can Do adds a week about The Gulf Oil Spill Crisis

In the wake of the Gulf Oil Spill, we decided over here at “What You Can Do” that we had to address the disaster somehow. Our hope is to do a number of videos on the subject and the aftermath with expert organizations in the near future. Right now however, the wildlife rescue organizations are busy on the ground trying to deal with the catastrophic results of the spill. However, we did speak with the National Wildlife Federation and they offered some wonderful guidance (thanks to them for taking the time!).

In researching this week, I came upon this link from the Natural Research Defense Council’s Staff Blog. For someone like me, who hasn’t had the opportunity to spend much time in the Gulf, I found that I was pretty ignorant of the types of wildlife that call the area home. I felt that this blog was a good resource with helpful information.

While I hope that the devastation from the spill is taken care of as quickly as possible and that the long term damage to the area is minimal, I hope that what endures is the motivation for our country to find alternative energy solutions.

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