Sunday, March 28, 2010

Diary of an American Shopper day 148

Diary of an American Shopper Day 148

So this may seem like a bizarre topic to discuss in Diary of an American Shopper since there really isn't any "shopping" involved per se, but it's something I have always felt pretty passionate about so away we go.

When I was a kid one of my strongest memories was when we would switch from winter to summer clothes and back again. My mother would plop my sister and I in front of the TV to watch the Wonderful World of Disney with popcorn while she would send my dad upstairs to collect the loot. He would come downstairs like Santa but instead of carrying a red velvet sack, he was carrying contractor bags filled with goodies. Now these were clothes we had seen before, many of them had become old friends going from Jess to me as hand me downs. I would get so excited. Would this be the year that Jessie's striped pants became flood waters and therefore mine? Or would she no longer fit into her rainbow t shirt that I'd been coveting?

My mom made hand me downs fun. We would do fashion shows with Jess and I walking down the hallway runway and striking our best Christie Brinkley. My dad and mom would plop down for dessert and watch their kids become models. They would applaud and judge the clothes and make us feel like super stars. Whatever was left over after receiving low scores went to the church for anyone who needed it.

From this two of my all time favorite games was born. 1 look at my loot- the act of taking out new purchases and showing them off. And 2 the spring cleaning clothing swap.

My parents made hand me downs exciting and fun and they ingrained in me the idea of recycling or donating clothes. I can't even imagine throwing something into a dump. Even accessories get donated. There's always someone who wants a pair of bright blue hoops!

So let's bring it up to date. One of the favorite in office games now is still look at my loot. I pick two weekends a year (usually when the weather gets warmer or starts to turn crisp- lots of people think apple picking while my mind turns to my closet).

I still fashion show for Jessie but our parents have been replaced by poodles. Instead of it being a chore, its a highlight of the season as I become Heidi Klum walking around my apartment.

Anyway contractor bags have been replaced by shopping bags, but Julie and Melissa descend with the same fervor that we did as little ones. And I don't have that guilty feeling about getting rid of something that I spent a lot of money on or was a gift. This way it can live on. Its a bit like Sisterhood of the Traveling pants that something that fit me could also fit Melissa, Julie or Jess.

And one more hidden benefit- I rediscover clothes I haven't worn in a long time. Its like a whole new wardrobe for everyone. And whatever doesn't fit still goes to the church.

Its a win win for all.

This certainly isn't a new tip, so let me know your stories!

I mark day 148 a reinvention of what I already have!

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