Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Update from Action Against Hunger's work in Haiti

Hey there everyone... I was sent the below email from Susannah at the organization, Action Against Hunger, and wanted to pass the information along. I know we're all still thinking about the devastation and need in Haiti right now, so it's nice to get updates from organizations on the ground.
Hello, again—

Here’s another update on Action Against Hunger’s latest efforts to provide emergency access to food, water, and sanitation services in Haiti.

In spite of gasoline shortages, airport delays, and other logistical limitations, we have assisted thousands of people left homeless and in dire need of life-sustaining supplies since the earthquake.

We’ve installed 32 large water reservoirs in makeshift camps for the displaced across Port-au-Prince, which provide 64,000 people with daily access to safe drinking water.

As sanitation and hygiene remains an urgent priority, we have constructed latrine facilities in camps in Gressier and Sainte-Marie, Port-au-Prince, and launched public awareness campaigns in these areas to encourage best practices in emergency settings.

So far, we’ve handed out 26 tons of vitamin-laden BP5 biscuits to over 13,000 vulnerable people, who were identified by neighborhood committees established in the camps. And in cooperation with the WFP, Oxfam, and the National Food Security Coordination Unit, we’re carrying out a rapid food assessment in affected areas to determine immediate and longer-term needs of the population.

Finally, another cargo plane carrying emergency supplies landed in Santo Domingo on Friday containing 4,200 sheets, 14,000 blankets, 30 tons of BP5 biscuits, water taps, additional bladder tanks, and other materials.

ACF Aid Reaches Thousands of Earthquake Survivors in Haiti

Hope to be in touch.

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Susannah Masur
Communications Officer

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