Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Diary of an American Shopper Day 8

There is one thing that becomes very evident when you meet me. I love Bruce Springsteen. Love him! I've seen him many many times in concert, own all his albums, know all his lyrics, and have cried and danced to his music. So when I heard that he was playing his entire album - The River - and that I was going to be in attendance, I just about had a melt down!

How does this confession fit in to my challenge? I mean who is more American than Bruce Springsteen? Well....I bought a t-shirt. We all knew that the show was a rare treat, but when Bruce said he wouldn't be performing the album live again, I knew this was a once in a lifetime experience. It was amazing and I wanted to wrap myself up in a t-shirt to remember it. A very special t-shirt that listed the date of the show and all the tracks on The River. So, I bought the shirt, and didn't even once think if it was made domestically. It's true - I confess! I wanted the shirt and there was only one to choose from. It's not like I could rule out one in favor of a Made in the USA cousin. So I just took out my money and didn't look back.

Later when I was home - days later, I flipped over the label and it said MADE IN HAITI.

And how do I feel about it now? Kind of guilty I guess - I did commit to this challenge. But how do we react if we really want something and there is no other choice? Should I have not purchased the shirt because it wasn't made here? I guess in honor of this challenge I should probably say an emphatic NO!- However, I can say with confidence that if in the same situation, I would probably buy the shirt again.

I mark Day 8 a very accepted failure

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