Monday, August 31, 2009

Notes from the Corporate World

I've been so busy editing, that I haven't had a chance to write anything about our dogs!

Well - here is what I've learned through the remaining videos:

1 - Old English Sheep Dogs are born without a tail. What? For reals.

2 - It's possible to prevent your dog from shedding as much. A groomer can actually de-shed your dog so that when you bring it home, your pants, couch and sweatshirts no longer have to serve as a lint brush.

3 - One of the most popular trims for one of the smallest dogs - the pomeranian, is a lion trim. Irony?

4 - The Bedlington Terrier, is one of the most difficult dogs to groom. I for one, think they look like mini dinosaurs.

5 - Non sequitur of the day - How cute is that? I mean really...

6 - The Wheaton Terrier is actually supposed to have a crazy amount of facial hair. i think it actually makes them look like Mark Twain.

7 - The Doberman that we groomed thinks he's a poodle. How's that for feared predator. Awesome!

8 - For wrinkly breeds, you have to clean their wrinkles daily to keep them dry or they can get crazy infections. Gross.

9 - This beagle is hilarious. Doesn't he look mad about something?

10 - every time your dog gets wet, you have to brush it out or it'll develop mats. be careful, or it could turn into this....ew.

11 - It is believed that Bulldogs come from an ancient fierce mastiff type breed that would compete with Bulls and hunt wild boars. What? Cupid's a lover not a fighter.

12 - Labrador Retrievers are the most popular breed of dog in the world and (by a large margin) the most popular in America. For the record, the dog in our log is not a lab. He's a Rhodesian Ridgeback, how's that for random

13 - Wheatons are Irish; Labs are from Newfoundland Canada; Pomeranians are Polish, Pugs are Chinese, Dobermans & Poodles are
German; Beagles & Bedlingtons are English, - talk about the United Colors of Benetton!

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