Wednesday, July 15, 2009

From Farm to Market to Table

This week the On the Leesh crew had a second day of shooting a new cooking show pilot. This is our first foray into the world of cooking shows, but the creators, Susan Wands and Diane Petkoff came to us with an idea we couldn’t pass up, so it was full steam ahead into these unchartered waters! The show is titled, From Farm to Market to Table and is hosted by the very charming, Mary Micari. Although we can’t get into the details of the show at this time, let’s just say it can apply to both expert cooks and newbies in the kitchen. I should also say that, although we may not have technically produced a cooking show before, we have, collectively, watched a lot of The Food Network. I should say here, that hands down, the most hours logged watching this channel is done by Alicia. It’s her ‘go to’ channel for entertainment. I’ve often found her watching shows like, Challenge, Everyday Italian or Paula’s Home Cooking. When they got rid of Ready Set Cook, Alicia cried for days. So, although we may not have hands on personal experience, Alicia has absorbed much of the art of the cooking show over the years. So stay tuned for more information on From Farm to Market to Table

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