Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Picking the Topics

When Jess, Mary, Julie and I first came up with our list of topics for our first 21 installments of What You Can Do, we came up with about 100 topics. Clearly this was going to be tough. How do you narrow down to just 21 topics when there are so many worthy issues out there.

Well first and foremost, we came made sure that we had some diversity. We didn’t want to keep all the issues domestic. There are far too many issues in the world to keep them focused on home. Still that does help narrow it down.

Next we went with issues that would make a compelling video. There are many issues where you can help in only a minute; however, many of those issues revolve around writing a check, writing a letter or subscribing to a blog. That wouldn’t make for a very interesting episode. This would definitely help narrow it down.

We also hope that these videos go out nationally, and we want to pick issues that have the widest level of interest across the country. We pushed the envelope slightly on some of these issues, but we feel strongly about our 21.

In all honesty, even if we were doing 365 episodes, we feel there would be some issues that would be have to be left off. Ultimately, this blog is the place where we can continue to explore these additional issues and spread the word.

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