Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Liam Neeson - the next action star?

I like action movies. I think they're fun. No matter how cheesy they are, I find myself always watching them. I have to admit I was pretty excited and hesitant with Taken was announced. Could Liam Neeson be an action star? I mean he was great as Henri Ducard in Batman Begins and was one of the finer moments in Episode 1 as Qui-Gon, but this man can act. What were they thinking? They were thinking AWESOME! Liam was fantastic. How great to see him kick everyone's butts to get his daughter. As Jess put it, his mantra was "Your ass shall be kicked." And kick he did. With a ruthlessness that put Jack Bauer's of 24 to shame, and a softer side with the young girls, he was fantastic (sorry about that my friend -your wife had to suffer!). If you are looking for a movie to rent, go with Taken!

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