Friday, May 8, 2009

What You Can Do About Mother Nature...

As so often seems to happen when you begin something you are excited about, and you hope will bring some good into the world- you end up thwarted. In this case the nefarious thwarter ends up being Mother Nature herself. Mother Nature in the form of one full week of rain. With no end in sight. In May! If this were April I would understand, being fairly warned by both TS Elliot ( April is the cruelest month) and the common vernacular ( April showers…) But this is May and we have been fully awash in rain for going on ten days.

As such we have had to postpone the next part of our What You Can Do Shoot- the part that requires us to go into Central Park and chat with our fellow New Yorkers. And I will tell you this, while I do not believe that New Yorkers are the scary mythic beasties that people sometimes make them out to be, I do believe that attempting to stop a New Yorker hurrying through the rain enroute to a destination warm and dry is an idea that can only lead to heartache and angst. And so we wait. And watch the weather channel.

Which does not have good news for us.


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