Friday, February 20, 2009

Working to Keep the Arts in Education

Over the past six months, On the Leesh has been working with Young
Audiences New York. YANY promotes creativity, essential life skills
and academic achievement through innovative and diverse multi-
disciplinary arts programming for public school children Pre-K through
12 and their families - all of which support the development of a well-
rounded individual.

YANY first asked us to create a promotional video for them last
summer. They asked us to film at a variety of schools where they have
a strong presence and pair that with interviews with YANY staff,
teaching artists, teachers and students. Throughout the last six
months we have grown to love this organization. Their tireless
devotion to take care of the whole child; in school, after school and
with their family.

I think that executive director, John Schulz said it best. "We believe
here at Young Audiences that learning does not stop at the last school
bell of the day. So we have started to go into afterschool programming
to continue the education process afterschool as well as working to
build on our family programs which we are very proud of. Because what
it does is it brings the parent into the school environment and allows
them to experience and create with their children, so that they can
then take it back into the home environment and therefore allowing the
process to continue long after Young Audiences NY isn’t in the picture."

This has been a tough year for all not for profits, but arts programs
in NYC are taking a very hard hit after the budget cuts. Everyone at
OTL hopes that programs like YANY continue to thrive in this city. We
all have heard about the benefits that such programs have on children.
Test scores increase, attendance increases, self confidence increases;
all vital necessities in every child's life.

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