Monday, October 13, 2008


On the Leesh has a very busy fall, our busiest yet. As they say in the
restaurant biz - "We're in the weeds." While other production
companies our size will work on one or two projects a year, we
currently have eleven open projects that are in one phase of
production or another.

We normally have this number of projects open, but what makes this
different is that six of our projects right now are in open production. This means cameras are rolling and computers are editing. We don't
get like this all the time, but right now and through December, we're
completely excited about all the work that is coming through our
office and we don't want to say no to any of it.

How does each
project get it's fair access of the On the Leesh spotlight? Well sometimes, I have to work weekends.

It's not so bad really - I give myself certain liberties when working
on weekends: I'm allowed to wear pajamas to work, I can eat ice cream for lunch and if I need to take a Broadcast News-Holly
Hunter-break, I allow myself to do so. All in all, it's not that bad. Come to think of it, I'm almost my own lifetime television for women reality
show. The only difference is people would be bored out of their mind
watching me sing to myself as I generate title cards on videos, or try
to figure out the nebulous cost of gas for a line item in a budget. I pride myself on my organizational abilities, so I do have that on my

I've noticed recently though, that my dreams include all the characters I'm
editing. Holly from The In-Betweens of Holly Malone visits Johnnie from The Sexually and Bernice from In the Can Productions has cupcakes at Frannie's
house from For Belly. It's kind of interesting to see what will happen next with
them. Perhaps we have a whole new season right there. A sort of cross
over, Buffy/Angel kind of thing.

Oh no, I just made it twelve projects!

More updates as I go along...

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