Thursday, October 23, 2008

Film In the City Panel

This is an old entry from our company blog (fetch), but it's an ongoing series, so we thought we'd add it here as well. Check it out!

On July 22nd Wayne Parillo (of Webjammer films and our very own I'm Sorry Melissa), Rebeca Conget (of Film Movement), and I took to three stools in front of a sold out house of about 75 people at the People's Lounge in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The three of us offered up our advice on how to distribute projects in a non-conventional manner.

Rebeca, being from Film Movement, has the most traditional model. What makes them unconventional is that Film Movement started as an "outside the box" type of company by offering a monthly at home DVD subscription service. Once a Month, members receive a DVD that has both a feature and a short length film in the mail. Through this model, Film Movement is able to distribute twelve films a year, including there films that have gained theatrical distribution. Their library of films are all wonderful festival heavy films, so if you become a member, you have your own festival once a month at home. Film Movement also offers tips on how to have your own screenings and discussions based on the films in your own community. They're aware that many markets in this country don't have access to art house films, so they have teamed up with libraries and universities to help bring their lovely films to a wider audience.

Wayne and I spent a lot of time talking about web-series and about using the internet to distribute and self promote. I offered up my advice for the festival circuit and spoke about how a filmmaker could work with On the Leesh. We met a lot of very interesting film makers and I look forward to my continued relationship with them.

Thanks to Elisa Keys for the opportunity to sit on the panel. I'll keep you posted about the next event where I'll serve as moderator. The date is Tuesday September 15th.

**All photographs by: Lee Ann Simmons Photographer,

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